Exclusive playground grants for NYCHA residents


Playground grants are coming to the New York City Housing Authority!

KaBOOM! is partnering with the New York Housing Authority (NYCHA) and The Fund for Public Housing to transform housing developments across New York City. The Build It With KaBOOM! playground grant is an exciting opportunity for NYCHA residents to work together to create a new place for kids to play!

If selected for the grant, your community will work hand-in-hand with a KaBOOM! Project Manager to plan and execute your playground project. The project kicks off with Design Day, a kids and community meeting, and culminates in a Build Day, the six-hour playground building event. Residents will be engaged throughout the planning process which culminates in a six hour Build Day event. KaBOOM! encourages residents that are excited about this opportunity to work with their community and/or tenant association to submit an online interest form. KaBOOM! will quickly be in touch with you to schedule the next steps in the selection process.

Community Interest forms for playground projects are currently ongoing.

Benefits of Build it With KaBOOM!

  • Receive a new custom-designed playground and additional community enhancement projects!
  • Engage community members to work toward a common goal.
  • Participate in a planning process that will help you fundraise, strengthen your community, build relationships, and develop media relations skills that can be used for future community projects.

Eligibility for Build it With KaBOOM!

  • Live at a NYCHA property that needs a new playground.
  • Promptly complete and submit all required documents/materials on time, including the Community Interest Form, Playground Petition, playground photos, and community letter of commitment.
  • Work with the community, with guidance from a dedicated KaBOOM! Project Manager, to fundraise $8,500 toward the playground project.
  • Identify a group of people willing and excited to host and participate in a Design Day, as a kick-off of the project.
  • Demonstrate the ability to recruit a team of parents, neighbors, and community members who are excited about serving on the planning committee for an eight to ten week period, plus recruit up to 200 community members to participate on Build Day.
  • Identify community resources including local businesses to secure additional in-kind contributions such as breakfast and lunch for Build Week and tools.
  • Work with a team to create a long term maintenance plan for the playground.

The strongest community partners will

  • Serve children from a low-income population, serve children with special needs or are located in a disaster-impacted community.
  • Demonstrate the need for a playground in your community.
  • Have a space that does not currently have a playground on site or have a playground that needs to be replaced.
  • Will implement a community-build model to engage the larger community in all aspects of project planning and playground build execution.


Note: We strongly recommend writing and revising your answers to the questions below in a separate program and then copying and pasting your answers into the fields below.

Step 1: Community Partner Interest Form
Each Community Partner is required to complete a community interest form, located on this page, that includes general information about the need for a new play space and the interest of their community in participating in a community build. View a preview of the Community Partner Interest form before you start.

Step 2: Interview Call
If an interest form is selected to move forward, a KaBOOM! team member will schedule a call with the community to discuss the scope of the project and the responsibilities involved. The call will cover, among other things, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, parental involvement, tools and materials, playground design, and Design Day and Build Day festivities. Participants in the call typically include the primary contacts at the organization seeking the grant and other residents that will play an integral role in the planning process.

Step 3: Follow-up Materials
Next, the residents will be asked to submit additional materials including a signed Letter of Commitment, a petition demonstrating support for the project within the broader community, and pictures of the proposed playground site. Download our petition template

Step 4: KaBOOM! Review Panel
Once follow-up materials are received, an internal panel at KaBOOM! will review the prospective Community Partner (that's you) and the proposed site to determine if the Community Partner is a finalist for the opportunity.

Step 5: Final Check-in Call
Finalists may proceed to a final screening call that could include staff from NYCHA handling logistics and community members that have been a part of the screening process. If selected, planning for the project may begin immediately! The remaining qualified candidates will be notified and considered for future opportunities.

Start Community Interest Form


For direct assistance, email nychaplayground@kaboom.org. You can expect a response within 1-2 business days.

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