Play Everywhere Creates Play Opportunities in Everyday Spaces Link copied!

October 1, 2018


Play is an essential part of kids’ healthy development and growth, but for many kids in cities, play is hard to come by.

Whether it’s constrained resources, time, or lack of access to playspaces, we must provide additional opportunities for play in everyday locations where kids and families already spend time, such as at bus stops, in grocery stores, on sidewalks, and more. Play Everywhere reshapes city infrastructure to include kids and families – and play – and turns moments of frustration into moments of joy.

The video features some exemplary Play Everywhere projects developed in the past few years.

For more information about the projects, visit the links below:

Whether you’re working for a city, are an architect, artist or urban planner, or you just want to create more playspaces in your community, our Play Everywhere Playbook will provide the steps for creating change. The Playbook is our guide to championing and creating kid-friendly, playful cities.

The guide leverages our expertise and learnings across a variety of Play Everywhere projects and collaborations with cities and partners. You can use the Playbook to promote the Play Everywhere concept in your community and to help create projects, plans and designs for unique, foot-traffic grabbing, and most importantly, fun play installations.

Learn more about Play Everywhere and see if we are hosting a Play Everywhere Challenge grant opportunity near you.