Join us to give all children the childhood they deserve

Whether building the skills children need to succeed in the 21st century or simply giving children joy, play is an essential part of childhood. But in recent decades, play as we know it has been slowly disappearing.

Mattel, Mattel Children's Foundation and KaBOOM!, joined forces to make the case that play matters, producing a major study with children about how to get kids playing more, a compelling summary of existing research about play's benefits, and accompanying videos that we hope will inspire others to act.

Watch, read, learn, and share how play can help us solve some of the most pressing challenges our society faces.

The video "I Believe in Play" and "Play Matters: Giving Kids the Childhood They Deserve," presents what parents, educators, sociologists and pediatricians have known for years: kids need a balance of all types of active play to grow into healthy, successful adults.

Download the Play Matters PDF

The video and accompanying "Play Everywhere" publication are an initial look at what we heard directly from kids. Most importantly, kids want to be challenged, to use their imaginations, and have the opportunity to bond with their friends.

Download the Play Everywhere PDF

Bring more play to your family, neighborhood, and school.

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