Playce Partners

Our 25 in 5 Playce Partners work alongside KABOOM! and communities to end playspace inequity across systems for greater impact.

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We are building a coalition of 25 municipal agencies (school districts, parks and recreation departments, housing systems, etc.) and networks of nonprofit partners who are committed to addressing the urgent needs of kids. Playce Partners value public spaces designed with kids in mind, ensuring their experiences are playful, supportive of healthy childhoods, and provide clear avenues to kids to experience the full developmental benefits of having quality spaces to play. Playce Partners have a commitment to addressing racial equity and engaging with communities to ensure their voices are central to decision-making. Join our efforts to end playspace inequity across systems for greater impact.

KABOOM! is seeking municipal partners

We are seeking municipal partners enthusiastic about creating equitable access to playspaces to join our 25 in 5 Initiative to End Playspace Inequity. This 25 in 5 Initiative Interest Survey is a first step that allows KABOOM! to learn more about your system and gauge your readiness to partner with us to mobilize funding, engage community members, and identify the key stakeholders in the execution of this work.

Take the Interest Survey

Playce Partner Commitments

  • playce.equity

    Playspace Equity

    A demonstrated and public commitment to addressing playspace inequity and advancing the work in an equitable way that centers community voice

  • playce.engagement

    Community Engagement

    Determine local need via mapping and assessment (or analysis of existing reports on playspace inequity), and identify where inequities must be addressed first across a system or network

  • playce.fundraising

    Joint Fundraising

    Jointly create and implement a fundraising strategy to attract the public, private and/or philanthropic funding needed to complete all aspects of the initiative work (including mapping, assessment, public report development, campaign development, and overall investment to playspace infrastructure projects to address the need).