Investing in Our Kids

Together with partners KABOOM! will raise $250 million for the 25 in 5 Initiative to End Playspace Inequity, building a broad coalition that will create systemic change.
To accomplish our goal, KABOOM! aims to raise $250 million for the 25 in 5 Initiative. Your investment in KABOOM! can help us reach that goal by donating to the End Playspace Inequity Fund, supporting our measurement and evaluation efforts, or helping to raise awareness of the 25 in 5 Initiative through policy, advocacy, and thought leadership.

Ways to support the initiative include:

  • Give to our End Playspace Inequity Fund:

    allows us to build quality playspaces where there is a clear need and reflects the local community demographics and culture

  • Support the Creation of a National Data Platform:

    helps us identify specifically where playspace inequity exists, allowing us to seek partnerships with communities most impacted by playspace inequity and inform where playspace infrastructure investments should be prioritized.

  • Bolster our Evidence and Insights Capabilities:

    build capacity that allows us to generate the evidence that makes the case for increased investments in community-designed playspaces. We will partner with national and regional experts to demonstrate the positive child and community outcomes that access to high-quality, community-designed playspaces for communities of color provides.

  • Expand the Reach of our Thought Leadership Strategy and Public Awareness Campaigns:

    Playspace inequity is a crosssector problem that impacts the wellbeing of children, including educational outcomes, neighborhood vitality, and the overall quality of life in any given community. Support of our thought leadership strategy and public awareness campaigns allow us to galvanize cross-sector leadership action towards playspace infrastructure investments.

  • Strengthen our Policy and Advocacy Capacity:

    Help us increase our capacity to advocate for playspace equity as a priority for federal, state, and local investment. Through this policy-maker education work, we will promote proplayspace equity policies in relevant legislative and administrative actions and public investment conversations.