Research shows building playgrounds makes communities stronger

KaBOOM! is well-known for empowering communities to build playgrounds for kids living in poverty. The process of creating a KaBOOM! playground also helps build strong communities.

While it might feel a bit like magic, it’s actually a real theory of change, substantiated by our friends at the Knight Foundation. They call it "Cascading Steps of Courage."

Your team can play a vital role in helping kids get the childhood they deserve while also kicking off these 'cascading steps of courage' in communities who need it most.

Since our very first project in 1996, we've:

  • Built or Improved over 17,000 playspaces.
  • Served more than 9 million kids.
  • Engaged more than 1.5 million volunteers.
  • United people from all walks of life to create truly inspiring playspaces.

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