Powerful stories of how KABOOM! transforms communities across the country

Reimagining Play in Natural Spaces

By KABOOM! | February 12, 2024

Recently, two KABOOM! staff members participated in courses designed to teach them more about the design and benefits of nature-inspired playspaces.

Children's Rights and a Sustainable Future

By KABOOM! | January 11, 2024

Learn how the integration of sustainable playspaces serves as a catalyst for positive change, ensuring that every child not only enjoys their right to play but also inherits a world safeguarded against the adversities of climate change.

Nature and Play: A Winning Combination

By KABOOM! | November 2, 2023

Nature-based forms of play are critical to kids’ health, the environment, and community and are becoming increasingly popular as a way to introduce outdoor play in areas without equitable access to nature.

Improving Educational Outcomes Through Play and Partnerships

By KABOOM! | October 18, 2023

In today's changing education landscape, achieving better educational outcomes requires a comprehensive approach beyond traditional methods. Educators, policymakers, and organizations focusing on the health and well-being of children and families are searching for new and creative ways to enhance the learning journey.

Playground Partnerships: Unlocking the Potential of Parks

By KABOOM! | September 27, 2023

KABOOM! recently partnered with with The City of Hamtramck, Hamtramck Public Schools, and Hamtramck Parks Conservancy, and General Motors Factory Zero to increase play in Hamtramck.

A Government Shutdown and Its Impact on Play

By KABOOM! | September 25, 2023

A Summer with KABOOM!

By KABOOM! | September 8, 2023

This summer, KABOOM! had the privilege of hosting a University of Delaware Biden Institute summer intern, Grace Mahony. Grace is beginning her junior year this fall at the University of Delaware at Wilmington, where she double majors in Public Policy and Economics.

Why We Need Close to Home Outdoor Recreation Alternatives

By KABOOM! | May 30, 2023

Learn more about the legislation Congress is considering to increase access to nature and public spaces.

Mapping Playground Access in Philadelphia

By KABOOM! | April 4, 2023

KABOOM! recently partnered with Vanguard Strong Start for Kids and Childcare Aware of America (CCAoA) to understand the landscape of playspace equity in Philadelphia for children ages 0-6, and to identify priority areas for investment in playspaces.