Supporting special needs

Imagination Playground™ has been used as a means to support therapeutic programming for children and teens on the autism spectrum. Arizona Autism Charter Schools, Inc., a school dedicated to making high quality, specialized education accessible to students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related disorders, uses the loose parts system to enhance therapy sessions, gym time and recess time. Imagination Playground™ helps kids regulate movement, compose sensory systems, and strengthen muscles. Imagination Playground™ also helps students nurture their creativity, providing a natural venue for communication and collaboration.

The Imagination Playground™ equipment has truly revitalized our P.E. and physical therapy programs. The children are so excited and engaged to play with the big, bold equipment! They are working on gross motor and social skills through play and are excited and motivated throughout the entire therapy period. Children with autism at every level have made amazing discoveries and have been learning new skills while having tons of fun! We can't thank you enough for the learning and play opportunities the Imagination Playground™ equipment has brought to our schools and the children we serve!