Aiding in disaster relief

In August 2016, Greenbrier Elementary School in Baton Rouge was severely damaged by flood waters. Due to the extent of the damage, the school had to be closed for the rest of the year. All of their play equipment was lost in the flood, and the kids there had to attend another overcrowded school that didn't have a playground. Many of the kids' homes were flooded too, and they lost everything they had. Imagination Playground™ provided a critical piece to healing—the ability to play. The creative play system gives communities with no other options a way for kids to stay active and gives the kids a safe haven from toxic stress. It's helping those kids reduce anxiety and build resiliency while their lives return to normal.

The middle school did not have any age appropriate or size appropriate play materials/equipment. The Imagination Playground™ was perfect for our flooded school forced to relocate to a middle school. Students affected by the flood were able to escape into imagination and play and forget about the stress.