A citywide celebration of play

PlayBuild NOLA is a non-profit with a mission to transform under-utilized urban spaces into exciting kid-friendly environments for play and learning. They host "pop-up play" activities featuring Imagination Playground™ at sites throughout the city to increase access to and the visibility of play.

The Imagination Playground™ helps our kids engage with the concepts that we are teaching in a fun and hands-on way. One popular activity we do focuses on the design of the New Orleans shotgun house – a long, narrow house where rooms are laid out end-to-end. After taking our kids on a shotgun walking tour of the neighborhood, we encourage them to draw their designs and then build them with small scale building toys. The culmination of the lesson is to build the house as a group using the Imagination Playground™. This activity takes the concept they have learned and brings it to life on a large scale while fostering communication and collaboration among the kids.