Fry & Associates

At Fry & Associates, Inc., we're dedicated to providing you with the finest combination of quality, innovation, and expertise in playground design and manufacturing. Our group of expert playground consultants offer playground planning from site evaluation to design and finally installation and maintenance assistance. And our playgrounds are planned for the finest combination of safety, accessibility, originality and fun! We live in a wonderfully diverse world. Different play areas have different needs. Each playground has its own requirements, and "cookie-cutter" playground designs simply can not address these individual needs. Our' products are designed to meet the unique needs of virtually every play area in the world. Safety is of the utmost importance. Not only can we provide well designed equipment, but also quality surfacing solutions to meet your needs.

101 East 15th Avenue
N Kansas City, Missouri 64116
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Regions Covered:
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska

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