Partner in Play
Landscape Structures

Beginning on January 1, 2019, Landscape Structures has become the newest Partner in Play of KABOOM!. The Partner in Play serves as the primary supplier of playground equipment and partner in building hundreds of playspaces in communities in need across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Landscape Structures, an employee-owned company that designs and manufactures playground equipment based in Delano, MN, has designed, manufactured and installed more than 80,000 playgrounds worldwide. A leader of the industry, Landscape Structures has focused on designing and producing innovative playground equipment that ensures kids of all abilities can play side by side. The partnership will catalyze opportunities to bring innovative playspace designs into the communities that need it most.

Landscape Structures has built a strong reputation based on their commitment to innovative playspace design and safe, challenging equipment that improves how kids can play. They also share our belief that kid-designed, community-built playspaces have the power to bring people together from all walks of life and to give all kids, regardless of where they live, the childhood they deserve filled with play.
—James Siegal, CEO of KABOOM!

Equipment manufacturers are selected as KABOOM! Partners in Play for a three-year period. KABOOM! selects only vendors who meet stringent guidelines. Working with the same vendors for a three-year period means that our Project Managers gain a high level of expertise on that equipment and are prepared with all of the appropriate tools and know-how, ensuring each build is completed in one day! With few exceptions, the playground projects KABOOM! manages will use our Partners in Play vendors. We take our responsibility to identify vendors for hundreds of communities very seriously; play value and safety are foremost in our minds and mission.

Over the course of the three year agreement, Landscape Structures and KABOOM! will work to build innovative, inclusive playspaces throughout communities – schools, parks, housing and beyond – so that all kids feel valued and loved, and their potential is supported, nurtured and celebrated. This partnership is expected to build more than 400 playspaces across North America.

We have always been impressed with the KABOOM! commitment to play and social equity. We want to honor their commitment in new ways, and are excited to significantly impact communities together.
—Pat Faust, President of Landscape Structures

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