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A Playmaker is...
an individual who advocates for kids, ensuring they get the childhood they deserve through protecting and promoting play in their organizations, communities and cities.

We are a network of play advocates, who through the sharing of ideas and initiatives, spread the message of #playmatters across communities, creating a national movement for restoring the childhood kids deserve.

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What it Means to be a Playmaker

Cindy Day, Visible Men Academy

Visible Men Academy believes some of the most important learning in childhood takes place outside the classroom, through play. Recent research shows that children develop important cognitive and social skills while playing. Students will develop longer attention spans, IQ Growth and stronger social interaction. We are intentional about increasing opportunities for kids and their loved ones to play during and after the school day and champion that message to other schools and learning environments.
—Cindy Day, Visible Men Academy

Jason Ellis, Alexandria, VA Redevelopment and Housing Authority

The low income families we serve do not have the square footage in their homes to play inside, let alone the means to pay expensive electric bills for air conditioning during summer months. This is why it is critical that we continually find ways to incorporate play into the communities we build.
—Jason Ellis, Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Jennifer Hoff, William Penn School District, Lansdowne, PA

KaBOOM! has taught me so much but even more importantly, you have taught other people in our District about Playgrounds too. You also gave us a framework to accomplish other projects. We know how to breakdown jobs and make them much easier to manage. We have the confidence to know that we can do it. Thanks for creating a positive atmosphere and positive relationships that I think makes us all better people and our world a little nicer too.
—Jennifer Hoff, William Penn School District

Angela Browning, Orange County, FL

The connections we have made through KaBOOM! with others, in our own area and across the country, who share our passion for safe and plentiful play opportunities for children of all backgrounds are valued beyond measure. We have maintained those relationships and they continue to provide valuable advice, feedback, and encouragement as well as access to additional connections who share our vision and want to help.
—Angela Browning, Orange County, FL