How to Host a Play Day

Through our planning process guide and activity ideas collection, you too can bring a Play Day to your neighborhood.

10 Easy Planning Steps

KaBOOM! Play Day is a celebration to advocate that play belongs for all kids, in all communities. Using these steps as a handy guide will help you advocate for play-- and have a lot of fun too.
  1. Find a Playspace

    You can host your Play Day almost anywhere outside—a giant grassy field, a playground, a basketball court, or any other playspace. When selecting the spot, you'll want to think about the desired antecedence for your Play Day and type of kid's activities.

  2. Gather a Planning Team

    Ask a group of friends or community members to help you with the planning. A Play Day is a simple event, but having a few people to brainstorm ideas and prepare the activities will prove to be very beneficial. Plus, they can help to do outreach.

  3. Plan the Play Day

    Think about the number of people you would like to have and the type of event that works best. A successful Play Day will have play time, with a variety of activities, and an opportunity to advocate, which can be done by having people sign the Pledge for Play.

  4. Pick Games & Activities

    It's best to start by asking the true play experts, the kids, what they like to play. Your Play Day activities can take many forms—setup stations with games or encourage free play and let the children decide or have a big kickball tournament.

  5. Spread the Word

    This is where your planning team will be very useful. Start with your networks and ask families to join you at the Play Day. It is also a good idea to invite schools, youth sports leagues, and other youth-serving community groups.

  6. Invite Community Leaders

    A Play Day is a fun way to show community leaders, elected officials, and the media the importance and benefits of play. Invite these individuals to your event, so you can spread the message to the decision-makers.

  7. Have Fun

    Today's the big day! This is the most important part of a Play Day. Your Play Day gives your community a chance for a day of fun and it will be a part of many events happening across the country in support of play!

  8. Advocate for Play

    Your Play Day can turn into a simple advocacy action by reminding people about the importance of play. Print a sign or make a banner that states, "Play belongs here," or "Play matters for all kids," And take a huge group photo in front of the playspace.

  9. Take Pictures

    Snap photographs of families playing games and having fun, and then share them with us on Facebook and Twitter

  10. Celebrate Successes

    Now that you've hosted a Play Day, you're a true Play Advocate! Congratulations! You've taken a stand to show that play belongs in your community. You're now ready to start taking more steps to continue to advocate for the cause of play.


Games and Activities

Stuck on what activities to include? Take a look at these 50 game and activity ideas. Your Play Day activities can take many forms, from stations with games free-play areas for kids to organize thier own games. Ask the true play experts, the kids, what they'd like to play.

Our cards include everything from playground games new and old, volunteer projects to help spruce up a park or playground, and advocacy actions you can use to raise awareness about the need for great places to play.

Play Day Games

Spruce Projects for Parks and Playgrounds