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Since 2009, KaBOOM! has worked with more than 164 sites across the country to deploy Imagination Playground™ via playground builds, grants, and research programs. Partner organizations include Boys & Girls Clubs, faith-based organizations, childcare and pre-school sites, Head Starts, municipalities, museums, schools (public & charter), and YMCAs.

Imagination Playground at a Community Build
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Because Imagination Playground™ is portable, scalable, and affordable, Imagination Playground™ has the capacity to reach more kids, in more communities, more quickly. With Imagination Playground™, KaBOOM! is building and improving engaging play spaces throughout the country.

How do we bring Imagination Playground™ to communities?

Volunteer Playground Builds
Fixed playground equipment helps to strengthen gross motor skills as kids run, jump, and swing their days away. With Imagination Playground™, kids are exercising their social-emotional, intellectual, and creative muscles. With select playground builds, KaBOOM! adds Imagination Playground™ to provide a venue for a more holistic means of play.

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Imagination Playground™ is a fantastic way to engage kids, families, and community members in fun and creative activities. Through a competitive application process, Imagination Playground™ is granted to communities who do not have the resources to purchase the equipment on their own.

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Experts tell us that Imagination Playground™ can have incredible effects on physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. From far and wide, we've received great feedback.

Site visitors commented that they'd never seen so much sharing on a playground. We saw buildings built, ball-runs created, children built into small spaces with walls that came crashing down as they broke out, lots of capes, some parading, etc. They were loved from early childhood to middle school.
— Jessica Wodatch, Executive Director, Two Rivers Public Charter School
The open-ended nature of Imagination Playground™ in a Box ensured that the children had endless opportunities to experiment, construct, explore and invent; the children eagerly shared their excitement about Imagination Playground... at every visit.
— Abby Thorman, Educational Consultant, Thorman Strategy Group
Our kids, who often find cooperative and imaginative play challenging, are using the Imagination Playground™ to work together, play together, and demonstrate incredible creative skills. We are so grateful for your support.
- Alison Black, New Heights School, Calgary, Canada
I truly believe that this kind of open-ended play will increase their vocabulary and social skills, strengthen their motor skills, help grasp basic math concepts as well as increase self-esteem and much more. Imagination Playground™ is a perfect fit for our school!
- Kristina Turk, The Goddard School,Concord, OH
In addition to seeing how much the children engage with them, I've heard from several parents that Imagination Playground™ 'saved the day' for their kids…each one explained that either their kids had been having a hard day at school, problems with their friends, or issues at home, but after having time to play creatively with the blocks, they were calmer, happier, and better able to work things out.
- Jennifer Connors, Rolling Terrace Elementary School, Takoma Park, MD
It helps the kids not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. They learn to have fun together, they learn to use teamwork.
- Matt Don, Tucson Parks and Recreation, Tucson, AZ
Turn kids loose with sand, water, and simple stuff they can move around-- and then get out of their way. In no time, they'll create their own world of castles, fanciful creatures, and vehicles powered by their imagination.
- Suzie Boss, "Putting More into Play," Stamford Social Innovation Review, (Fall 2009).
I could be anything I want to be. I want to be in the Olympics and do the long jump.
- Sayquin Carlton, 11, at Brownsville Playground, right before leaping over a practice stunt jump that he built out of big blue foam blocks. (Reported by Ayala Falk in Daily News, July 15, 2008)

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