Marketing and PR

Advertise not only that you have organized a local play committee and that you are seeking more members, but let the public know about EVERYTHING else that you are up to—service projects, a playground build, a letter writing campaign, and more! Create a ripple effect that rolls through your city. The more you advertise, the more you’ll get noticed!

  • One flyer or well-written article could catch the attention of key city officials and other public figures who can help take your advocacy efforts to a whole new level.

  • Think about posting lawn signs in front of your house. They could say “Ask Me About Play!" This is a cost-effective advertising technique that can help you spread the “buzz” fast among your neighborhood.

  • One key place to advertise is at playgrounds themselves. That is where you will find like-minded supporters. So make sure that there is a community bulletin board at your local playground. If there isn’t one, consider doing a fundraiser for one. A community bulletin board will be one of your best advertising tools. It’s well worth investing in an advertising opportunity like this since a bulletin board is read and used all the time by different populations—and potential Playmakers.

  • If it’s a public space and there is a bulletin board, it will generally be locked, so contact your city's parks and recreation department. They are often the keeper of the keys for such advertising opportunities like community bulletin boards—or they could refer you to the right person.

Finally, list your group on craigslist, put a blurb in another organization’s newsletter, or check to see if your local radio station could make several announcements for you.

"Children learn as they play; most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn."
– O. Fred Donaldson, contemporary American martial arts master