Listservs and Newsletters

Do you have a listserv, e-newsletter, or printed newsletter in your neighborhood?

Start one or submit an article on play to an existing one!

Need more stories than you have time to write? Don’t worry—check out the KaBOOM! e-advocacy newsletter, Play Times. To receive this newsletter, join the Playmaker Network. We have a wealth of stories about play and a play research library that is digestible and very powerful for readers who want to know more about best practices, research, city ordinances, or federal legislation.

This is the opportunity to create a “Newsletter Committee” if needed and tap into those individuals with writing experience and expertise.

Now, you must be thinking—great, how do I distribute this? Start creating relationships with your local library or businesses and ask them if you could post your one-page newsletter on bathroom stall doors. You could even name the newsletter “Stall Stories!”

If you want to start a neighborhood listserv, consider using Yahoo Groups. You can serve—or designate another person to serve—as the group coordinator, and determine the information that is being put out to your readers. List meeting times, dates, and location; introduce new Play Committee members; and keep a group calendar that people can check at their convenience. The possibilities are limitless!

"The opposite of play is not work, it’s depression."
– Brian Sutton Smith, Contemporary American folklorist