Setting Up Your Media Network

What is it?
Developing a current, accurate media list is the first key to gaining media coverage. Make a list of reporters, editors, and departments at your local newspapers, broadcast stations, and radio stations.

Create a spreadsheet that has names, phone numbers, fax numbers, and email addresses.

How do I do it?
There are a couple of ways you can gather this information without paying hundreds of dollars:

  • Most online newspapers have a search feature, so look for such keywords as play or playground and see what you get and who is writing about it.
  • Review the online version of your newspaper and see reporters’ linked email addresses and phone numbers.
  • Many print and broadcast companies have a media directory—scroll through it! If not, call and ask for the news director or assignment editor (when calling television stations or section editor of a newspaper, respectively.
  • Radio stations’ contact information is hard to find. First check out the station’s website or call early in the morning and ask. Avoid calling on the hour or half-hour because you may end up on live radio!


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