Attend an Editorial Board Meeting

What is it?

Editorials are written by newspaper editorial staff members and reflect the opinions of the paper’s owners and editors, and are often influential with policymakers. Some editorial boards are biased and can’t be told what to write; however, you do have a chance to interest them in your issues by scheduling an editorial board meeting.

During the meeting, you and two other play committee members from diverse professional backgrounds present the board with information such as statistics from your playspace audit and personal stories. The key to gaining their attention is having a great storyteller on your committee who can sell your position.

  • Find out the mailing address, fax number, or email address of the editorial page editor or assistant to the editor and send him or her a brief (three-to-four paragraph) letter requesting a meeting and expressing the importance of this issue in your community.

  • Know your paper’s headlines. If you are asking the paper to take a stand, you should know what they have reported about the topic in the past.

  • Be prepared for the meeting. Most editorial board meetings are thirty minutes to an hour. Bring media kits, interesting research, or video.

  • If you are going to have a high-tech presentation, arrange early for any AV equipment needs, such as an LCD projector, TV screen, DVD player, etc.