Organize a Playspace Cleanup

A cleanup is an interactive and tangible way to get folks involved in advocating for play — by taking action today! This is an excellent opportunity for adults and children alike to rally around a shared goal. An event such as this also allows individuals who can’t always commit to attend meetings to volunteer in a “one-stop shopping” way. When planning for your playspace cleanup or refurbishment, consider the following ideas:

  1. Plan it for a Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon—a convenient option for maximum participation.

  2. Advertise it! Pass out flyers (see sample content for a flyer below) and post announcements in the playspace area so as many folks as possible can join in the fun and community-building.

  3. Get kids involved in the outreach and make sure the activity is a family affair. Have a person assigned to children’s activities so that the adults have time to connect. Have kids do a mural with chalk on the sidewalk or decorate small white tiles with paints.

  4. Consider making the event a potluck of sorts to disperse some of the responsibilities to members of your community. Each family can bring light snacks.

  5. Make sure you gather the contact information of everyone who participates — quickly build your local playmaker network!

Sample content for a cleanup flyer





  • Here you may want to put a picture of the playspace being cleaned up.
  • Explain what will be prvoided and won’t be provided.
  • What to wear.
  • Where to dispose of collected trash.
  • Give special thanks to any organizations or businesses sponsoring your event. Consider placing their logo and website address.
  • Specify if underage children participating need an adult present.