Map Your Playspaces

This is an excellent first project to do with your play committee. Down the road, once you feel more settled as a group, you can conduct a playspace audit. But, initially, all you need is to get a sense of the status of play in relationship to playspaces.

To meet this need, KaBOOM! provides a simple tool that everyone in your community can use. The KaBOOM! Map of Play is an excellent tool for mapping your playgrounds and allowing you and other community members the opportunity to describe and rate the condition of playspaces that you have recently visited. You can use this tool to find or add a playspace (park, playground, skatepark, field, etc.). Best of all, everyone can have access to it.

It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will be a great resource for your entire community. As a user, a person is able to sort by:

  • City
  • State
  • Type of playspace (rink, skatepark, field, playground for ages two through five, etc.)
  • Keyword (if you know the name of the playspace, for example)
  • Pieces of equipment (slide, swings, etc.)
  • Status of playground—existing vs. potential (advanced search)

"Play fosters belonging and encourages cooperation."
- Stuart Brown, Contemporary American psychiatrist