If you are the logistics team leader, you'll play a key role in making the project and the build run smoothly. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of glory in this job — volunteers only notice when things go wrong! But the rest of the committee will notice your work, and they'll be depending on you. After all, building a playspace with a bunch of eager, unskilled volunteers takes a lot of forethought and behind-the-scenes orchestration.

In this section, we'll cover the following topics:

Logistics Team Tasks

  • Locating and securing community spaces for meetings and fundraisers.
  • Establishing water and electricity sources at the build site.
  • Arranging for parking space, restrooms, trash receptacles, tables, chairs, tents and microphones/speakers to be available on or near the build site.
  • Coordinating deliveries and storage of play equipment and surfacing, as well as temporary site security.