Playful City USA

Program Details

Is your city or town creating policies or investing in programs and infrastructure to keep kids active, playing, and healthy? Then it may have what it takes to be recognized as a Playful City USA community.

What is Playful City USA?

Playful City USA is a national recognition program that honors cities and towns across the country for taking bold steps that make it easy for all kids to get the balanced and active play they need to thrive. These communities are recognized for their efforts to create more playable, family-friendly cities.

How do you qualify to be named a Playful City USA community?

What is your city or town doing to keep kids, families and communities active, playing and healthy? We’re looking for communities that demonstrate a strong commitment to the cause of play with a defined a vision and action plan in collaboration with local partners to promote play opportunities. Whether you’re creating policies or developing programs, if your community is working hard to make play a priority, then you might have what it takes to be recognized as a Playful City USA community.

What are the selection criteria for Playful City USA designation?

To be honored as a Playful City USA designation, we’re looking for communities that:

  • Demonstrate significant collaboration among nonprofit partners, foundations, municipal agencies, the business community, and local civic groups
  • Exhibit Mayoral or local governmental leadership on the cause of play
  • Express the ability and commitment to use data to address inequality through infrastructure investment, policy change and programming as demonstrated in their action plans

Benefits of Playful City USA designation

  • Two Playful City USA highway road signs
  • Marketing activation kit that includes press releases, a social media plan, and marketing materials to support national recognition and increase awareness
  • Webinars and networking events for city leaders to share and learn about innovative solutions for play
  • Exclusive access to Policy Map, an online tool that enables cities to leverage up-to-date city data that can be used in combination with KaBOOM! playspace mapping data
  • Access to grants offered by KaBOOM! that support increasing opportunities for play Increased stature and competitive advantage for state and national grant opportunities
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