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Playability Boy No Tresspassing Sign"In addition to building playgrounds, KaBOOM! is helping cities integrate play into routine spaces like sidewalks and bus stops. When schools agree to share their playing fields and facilities, it gives families and kids, especially those in underserved communities, more places to play in the evenings, on weekends, and during summer."

Playability - mother, girl and their dog"After all, families have been seeking more space out in the suburbs for decades. But Clark wishes Seattle were offering them more ways to stay. 'I would love to keep more of those folks from thinking that’s their only option,' she says. 'If you chose that because you couldn't find anything in Seattle — and I think that's [the point we've reached] — that's sad to me. We've seen lots of people leave the city.'"

Playability Parklets"[KaBOOM! is] showing cities the remarkable economic and infrastructural benefits that come from prioritizing 'playability' as highly as walkability and bikeability. And they are working to encourage families to integrate more play into their children’s daily routines."

Playability Crosswalk Hopscotch"If the park isn't a destination — if it’s a bus stop in the shape of the word BUS that kids can lounge, jump and slide on — then they end up playing during their daily commute. And quick-access structures integrated into city streets could both keep families from leaving for the suburbs and encourage them to bike, walk and take the bus instead of driving cars."

Playability Outdoor Cafe"Cities could accomplish this by making playspaces more available, local and accessible for busy families who otherwise may not find the time to fit trips to distant playgrounds into their busy schedules, and building micro-play structures on street corners and bus shelters."

Playability Girl Plays"Creating kid-friendly, family-friendly cities filled with play is a competitive advantage for cities to attract and retain residents, and it directly impacts the kids that need it most."

Playability Girl Plays"Whether large or small, cities are uniquely positioned to address our kids’ need for all types of active play every day. Here in Chicago, we are ensuring that first-rate opportunities for exercise and play are the expectation for every family, not the exception."

Playability Girl Plays"If we hope to create more vibrant cities, and to support the success of every child from cradle to career, we would do well to support an increase in what Darell [Hammond] has coined ‘playability’: the extent to which a city makes it easy for all kids to get balanced and active play."