PLAY 60, Play On

Transforming everyday spaces into places for play

PLAY 60, Play On, a partnership initiative between KaBOOM!, the NFL Foundation, and the 50 Fund, is working to put kids and families first in the San Francisco Bay Area by transforming everyday spaces into places for play.

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With a focus on underserved and low-income neighborhoods, KaBOOM! awarded $750,000 to 21 Bay Area grantees, including cities, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals. Guided by KaBOOM!, grantees will deliver "play everywhere" installations – innovative but replicable neighborhood projects that will make balanced and active play more easily accessible so kids can thrive.

PLAY 60, Play On will give $750,000 to benefit over 80,000 kids in the Bay Area, many of whom did not previously have easy access to play. They will be given opportunities to leap, scramble, and jump through playful transformations at grocery stores, in empty lots, on sidewalks, crosswalks, and closed streets in 21 different locations.

Our mission of giving kids the childhood they deserve, filled with balanced and active play, is being realized through the Bay Area transformation of everyday spaces into "playces." Grant recipient Nester Fernandez, CEO of TEL HI Neighborhood Center in San Francisco, remarked, "The reaction from the community has been great. I don’t think we could ever go back to a regular sidewalk."

KaBOOM! and our partners are thrilled to be a part of bringing play to kids in the Bay Area everyday, in every way. Learn more about the NFL Foundation's and 50 Fund's work in the Bay Area

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