Play Everywhere Challenge: Atlanta

Meet the grantees

Learn about the projects chosen for their innovative ideas to make the Atlanta area more playful.

Soccer in the Streets

Station Soccer Club Program – West End

Soccer in the Streets is a non-profit organization that supports Atlanta’s underserved youth through soccer coaching, mentorship, character development and employment programs. Their project, "Station Soccer Club-West End," will install a new soccer facility in the heart of the West End community for kids who have historically been denied access to soccer; and help to serve about 200 kids per year.

Community Farmers Market
Community Farmers Market

Community Farmers Market

Community Farmers Market will implement "Building a Playful Community at the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market Park," a nature-themed transformation of their farmers market through sidewalk games, nature inspired seating, play structures and fun and playful signage. In order to ensure that the park meets the needs of the community, they will engage local volunteer groups, market attendees and neighborhood kids to develop their final design. This project will serve approximately 2,000 kids annually.

Discover Play Grow
Adair Park Today

Discover, Play, and Grow

Adair Park Today, is a non-profit focused on unifying the Adair Park neighborhood and helping to restore public works and services in the community. Their project, "Discover, Play, and Grow," will transform Bonnie Brae Park from a vacant lot into a place where kids could play musical instruments, learn and grow a sensory garden and interact with kid-friendly sculptures. The updated Bonnie Brae Park would serve approximately 365 kids a year.

City of Atlanta, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs–Welcoming Atlanta

¡Imaginate! Colony South

This City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Immigrant Affairs –Welcoming Atlanta Group will implement "¡Imaginate! Colony South" to transform Colony South Mobile Home Park into a place for kids and families to play through installing sidewalk games, funhouse mirrors, chalkboards and an interactive fence that features musical installations, mirrors and abacuses. The installation will provide more than 500 kids annually with a great new place to play.

John Lewis's Ride to Freedom
City of Atlanta, Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs

John Lewis's Ride to Freedom

Inspired by the 1961 Freedom Riders Route from Washington, D.C. to New Orleans, LA, The City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs will transform a section of the Freedom PATH trail into the "John Lewis’s Ride to Freedom" playscape. The agency will engage local artists, elementary schools and neighborhood associations to develop the final design which will include public art, a map of states the Freedom Riders traveled and asphalt games and activities for kids to follow the Freedom Riders path, which will serve 300 kids annually.

King Play
City of Hapeville

King Play

In partnership with the Hapeville Recreation Department, the Department of Community Services and the Department of Economic Development, the city plans to transform pedestrian routes around the Hapeville recreation center and elementary school through, "King Play," a series of playful crosswalks that encourage interaction, improve public safety and promote public art. The school and recreation center are the center of this community and the walking routes would be used by more than 3,000 kids a year.

BuHi Lanterns
We Love BuHi, Inc.

The BuHi Lanterns

We Love BuHi Inc., is a non-profit that strengthens and supports the unique multicultural fabric of the Buford Highway corridor through creative placemaking, special events and arts, design, play, livability and sustainability initiatives. Their project, "The BuHi Lanterns," will create a safe, fun and interactive path through large-scale suburban shopping centers and parking lots characteristic of the well-traveled Buford Highway. This project would serve over 36,000 kids annually.

West End Interactive Sidewalk
Park Pride & City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation

West End Interactive Sidewalk

Park Pride, is a nonprofit organization that engages communities through volunteer projects, community gardens, community-led park redesigns and provision of grants for capital park improvements. In partnership with the City of Atlanta Department of Parks and Recreation, they will create the "West End Interactive Sidewalk," a series of asphalt games and activities that will prompt kids and families to move their bodies by doing a dance move or jumping as high as they can. The installation will serve approximately 750 kids a year.

Where the Heart Is

Where the Heart Is

WonderRoot is an arts organization that works to improve the cultural and social landscape of Atlanta through creative initiatives and community partnerships. Their project, "Where the Heart Is: An Artistic Examination of Home," will develop a series of playful historic art installations that will bring the community together to share and interact with stories of the past. These installations will provide approximately 650 kids annually with a safe and fun place to play.