Creative Play grants

Imagination Playground™ and Rigamajig® grants to qualifying U.S.-based organizations.


About Creative Play Grants

KABOOM! is excited to offer Imagination Playground™ and Rigamajig® grants to qualifying U.S.-based organizations.

Grants for Creative Play products is limited to specific times of the calendar year, specific geographic, and/or organizational parameters. Viable applications will be kept on file indefinitely and applicants are only contacted when funding becomes available in their area. To learn more about available funding before starting an application, please contact us.


Municipalities, schools, and child-serving nonprofit organizations are eligible for this opportunity.

Applicant must

  • Demonstrate need for a Creative Play grant.
  • Give evidence of available space and the ability to maintain the Imagination Playground™ in a Cart or Rigamajig®.
  • Give anticipated impact that the grant will have on the community and increased play opportunities.
  • Show demonstrated impact on low income areas and the number of children the grant will serve.

Priority communities

In addition to the the above eligibility requirements, we are looking for organizations that focus on science, technology, engineering, and math, otherwise known as STEM.


If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us and make sure to mention "Creative Play" in your comments.

About Imagination Playground™

Girl drives a car made from Imagination Playground blocks

Imagination Playground™ is an innovative design in play equipment that encourages creativity, communication, and collaboration in play. With a collection of custom-designed, oversized blue foam parts, Imagination Playground™ provides a changing array of elements that allow children to turn their playground into a space constantly built and re-built by their imagination.

Learn more about Imagination Playground™.

Imagination Playground Frequently Asked Questions

About Rigamajig®

Kids play with Rigamajig in library

Rigamajig® is a collection of wooden planks, wheels, pulleys, nuts, bolts and rope allow that children to follow their curiosity while playing. There are no wrong answers, and while the pieces can come together as a crane used to convey buckets or materials, they can also become a giraffe, monster, robot, airplane or just a "thingy."

Learn more about Rigamajig®.

Rigamajig® Frequently Asked Questions