A large-scale building kit used for hands-on free play and playful STE(A)M learning


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Rigamajig Testimonial - Aiding in disaster relief

Aiding in disaster relief

It is incredibly important, after a traumatic event such as Hurricane Harvey, to foster a sense of security and a return to normal activity for children and their families. For children residing in the shelter at Westbury United Methodist Church, Rigamajig provided an opportunity to socialize and collaborate with peers, and a chance to have some fun in a potentially stressful environment.

Gretchen Schmaltz, Physical Science Educator, Children’s Museum of Houston

Rigamajig Testimonial - An exciting edition to STEM learning

An exciting edition to STEM learning

They story of the majority of our students is the shift in their mindsets and ideas that they have shared about pursuing STEM or STEM related careers. Their level of participation, collaboration and independence in being creative has shown promising growth.

Leslie Armstrong, STEM Coach, Laura S. Ward STEM Elementary School

Rigamajig Testimonial - Developing transferable skills

Developing transferable skills

Rigamajig has helped us to promote healthy lifestyles through physical activity and a focus on creativity. We have noticed an increase in intentional with play when the Rigamajig is used and increased participation of diverse groups of children. In addition to using Rigamajig for team building exercises that puts kid's imaginations to work, staff has commented that it teaches kids to be more responsible, to clean up, and to organize equipment when done.

Suzanne Madison, Research Evaluation & Grants Manager, The Sanneh Foundation

Rigamajig Testimonial - Engineers create their own simple machines

Engineers create their own simple machines

Rigamajig offers children and their caregivers opportunities to create their own simple machines, exhibiting pull/push and the power of ropes, pulleys and wheels to accomplish work. My experience watching the Simple Machine pieces in use is limited to watching trial and error and experimenting with how pieces can turn and add to the looks of a structure. I love the power Rigamajig gives children once they "unlock" the mystery of bolts and nuts, they discover team work, not only with their family, but also with other "engineers" dreaming, planning and working beside them. The excitement generated when their structure rolls across the floor, pulling yet another structure successfully with passengers is powerful to watch! I am excited to discover more empowerment as our young engineers explore the possibilities of the Simple Machines components. Thank you for the gifts of creativity, problem solving and teamwork.

Patty Cassella, Learning Experiences, KidsPlay Children's Museum

Rigamajig Testimonial - Inspiring natural curiosity

Inspiring natural curiosity

The Rigamajig building set inspires a child's natural curiosity and provides them with an opportunity to exercise their creativity. When caregivers become involved in this process, they too have a chance to play, design, and engage with their children. It’s fun for all!

Dena R. Milliron, Curator of Education at i.d.e.a Museum, Mesa, AZ

Learning the 4 C skills

We want to make sure that we have opportunities for kids to practice the 4 C super skills; communication, collaboration, creativity and critical thinking. The Rigamajig is a safe, low risk tool to practice those skills.

Tracy Proffit, STEAM Coach, Robert S. Payne Elementary School, Lynchburg, VA

Rigamajig Testimonial - Problem-solving through exploration

Problem-solving through exploration

I think the idea of a library is and should be changing. We have quiet time in our library where literacy is key, but it is also open to classes and groups. It is not a 'shushing' place but a place of exploration and creation. Students of all ages, even adults, enjoy creating with Rigamajg. It is a perfect tool for libraries and makerspaces which allows for big creations fairly quickly.

Todd Burleson, IDEA Library Lab/Makerspace at Hubbard Woods School, Winnetka, IL

Purposeful play

When kids are making something, they are constructing knowledge. If they're actively engaged, and they enjoy and are having fun with that activity, it's much more likely that they're going to remember and learn. Meaningful learning and purposeful play.

Nan Stifel, Librarian at Concord Hill School, Chevy Chase, MD

Rigamajig Testimonial - Supporting special needs

Supporting special needs

Rigamajig is designed perfectly for this type of programming because in my opinion, it really is a boundary free play platform. I appreciate the emphasis on imaginary play and the "no wrong answer" approach to these builds. This type of recreation allows my participants to work on their communication skills, tolerance to be part of a group, fine and gross motor skills, and team building. The most profound thing that it can do however, is increase the efficacy of each one of my participants because they are so proud of their builds and instantly gratified with each piece added to their structure.

Rachel Keyworth, Manager and Recreation Therapist for City of San Bernardino, San Bernardino, CA

Rigmajig Testimonial - Unlimited learning potential

Unlimited learning potential

I have weekly engineering challenges. Rigamajig has added a completely new dimension to them. During literacy time the students use Rigamajig to build scenes from a story or construct ways to solve the character's problems. At the writing station students then write about their creations and how they solved the problems. In math the students have used them for anything from practicing tally marks, powers of 10, and making patterns and shapes to composing, decomposing, and ordering numbers.

I feel confident Rigamajg could be used to reinforce any skill in the classroom! Not only does it help us with engineering, but it also reinforces inquiry-based learning. The possibilities are truly endless!

Byron Gilliland, Jefferson STEM Elementary School, Winona, MN