Imagination Playground™

Imagination Playground™ is a playspace concept that delivers unique, cooperative play opportunities that can be instantly activated anywhere, anytime.

It's a breakthrough playspace system created by architect David Rockwell for Imagination Playground LLC, and uses uniquely shaped foam blocks and loose parts to empower children to design their own course of play.

Each set contains a wide variety of parts: cubes, bricks, cogs, curves and cylinders. The loose parts have holes and shapes that fit together in ways that allow the continuation of a child's idea. A pair becomes a wall. A wall becomes a room. A room becomes a house. The pieces fit together to make immersive play last a long time. The Imagination Playground™ encourages creativity, communication, and collaboration in play.

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Core Elements

Imagination Playground™ consists of three core elements that foster a dynamic, child-centered environment. Then, learn more about playing with Imagination Playground™.

Manipulable Environment

Manipulable Environment

Kids play most creatively in settings they can manipulate. Sand and water, for example, serve as raw materials for creativity and sensory exploration.

Imagination Playground™ provides a transformable environment that allows for many types of activities, empowering kids to influence the space around them.

Loose Parts

Loose Parts

A wide array of movable objects allows each play session to become a new experience.

With Imagination Playground™ Loose Parts, kids create their own narratives and games; build something and tear it down; or simply play to enjoy shapes and textures.

Play Associates

Play Associates

Play Associates provide an open setting where kids can direct their own play.

These trained adults allow play activity to evolve by maintaining a safe and secure environment, and by renewing and varying the supply of Loose Parts. Their job is to ensure a diverse, creative play space.

How does Imagination Playground™ work?

Imagination Playground™ provides an innovative play opportunity that can be instantly activated anywhere, anytime. We've hosted Imagination Playground™ sessions at schools, community centers, museums, public parks, street fairs, and even office settings. The possibilities are endless!

Benefits of Imagination Playground

  • Allows kids to develop strong skills in creativity, communication and collaboration, as well as physically challenge themselves in a safe environment
  • Allows kids to develop language, communication and problem solving skills that are key to cognitive development
  • Promotes cooperation, self-regulation, the development of social relationships and other elements crucial to social-emotional development
  • Is an easily customizable system that instantly activates small and non-traditional spaces into a great place to play
  • Can be added to existing playgrounds to provide more holistic opportunities for play
  • Provides professional development opportunities for teachers and childcare professionals with specialized Play Associate training
  • Engages families and community members to become involved in their kids's play activities

Cleaning Imagination Playground™

To ensure safe usage of blocks and accessories during the COVID-19 pandemic, Imagination Playground™ has developed cleaning product recommendations and instructions for keeping blocks clean for repeated use.

Learn how to keep Imagination Playground™ blocks clean