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We love playgrounds, but as any child knows, the concept of confining play to a designated area is somewhat absurd. As we work toward our vision of a playground within walking distance of every child, we also love to see play opportunities beyond the playground -- for kids and adults alike.

Our popular guest blogger Alex Gilliam, from Public Workshop, wrote last year about implementing "a citywide play circuit," drawing from inspiration he found abroad. He's not the only one who is fond of this notion. Tim McGill, author of Rethinking Childhood, says, "The word is playability. A playable space is one that encourages play alongside other functions."

So why not play with trash cans, at bus stops, and down flights of stairs? Kids do it naturally, but adults may need some extra cues:



Photo credits: Swing at bus stop:; hopscotch and trash can basketball:; slide at metro station:; free throw line and street maze:

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January 24, 2011 KaBOOM!

Inspiration Monday: Playful street art

If we no longer see real children playing outside, should we paint some instead? The UK street artist known as "Banksy" takes grafitti to a whole new level by adding whimsical touches to city buildings and walls. Among other things, he paints children at play -- a sight that is sadly less and less prevalent on today's urban streets.

To avoid prosecution, Banksy has kept his true identity a mystery, although according to Movieweb, an eBay user recently attempted to auction it off (receiving a high bid of $1 million). Whether or not you frown on renegade street art, we're willing to bet that these samples of Banksy's work will make you crack a smile:

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