February 08, 2012 Kerala Taylor

Your favorite dangerous playtime activities

Would you let your kid climb a tree? What about jump off a roof?

Over the weekend, in light of our recent conversation about risk aversion, we asked our Twitter followers and Facebook fans about their favorite “dangerous” playtime activities growing up. There was a lot of gleeful jumping, climbing, and (almost) falling involved. Here's just a sampling:

We didn't just hang upside down on the monkey bars, we used to play "tag" and run across them like it was nothing. I don't think I could even step on one of them today - amazing how fearless children are!
- Stacy Towers via Facebook

Jumping roofs! Dangerous but fun. We jumped from house to house. In LA, they are built very close.
- @1AKA_VS via Twitter

Jumping off the roof of a ranch house garage into a pile of leaves.
- Eva Spera-Gauthier via Facebook

Um... climbing high into trees and jumping down... (we thought we could fly!). 
- @hipmamasociety via Twitter

Falling out of trees. Luckily I was a bouncy kid.
- @WayfarerGlyn via Twitter

Riding my brother's bike down the hill. It was too big for me. I couldn't reach the pedals. I had to get off by riding onto the grass and going in a slow circle until it fell down.
- Deb Rennie via Facebook

Walking the rail on the railroad tracks. Who knew we were developing and training balance. We were having FUN!
- Youth Fitness Guy via Facebook

Running the gauntlet through the swings that my friends were swinging on. The best part of it was *almost* getting kicked, narrowly escaping!
- Kasia Swatek Kramer via Facebook

Playing with fire.
- @helainebecker via Twitter

Biking down the long, steep hill in front of my house (age 6), no hands, no feet, no helmet and screaming my head off in glee.
- Move with Me Action Adventures via Facebook

What was your favorite "dangerous" playtime activity growing up?

Photo by Mitchio (cc).

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