October 17, 2012 Kerala Taylor

Would you bring your kids to the bar?

No kids allowed! The blogosphere has been abuzz lately about the growing popularity of banning children from airplanes, restaraunts, and even grocery stores. The latest story comes from Brooklyn, N.Y., where a beer garden has banned children after 4 p.m.

OK, some might ask: Why would anyone want to bring kids to a beer garden?

Actually, the beer garden (pictured right) was created to be family-friendly, boasting lots of outdoor space and even bocce ball courts. In some ways, the environment seems to echo what we look for in an ideal playground, minus the beer. We celebrate multigenerational gathering spaces that offer a little something for everyone -- if not alcohol for the adults, then shady benches, or chess tables, or even fitness equipment.

Regarding the question of whether or not children should be allowed in bars, our admittedly ambiguous answer is: It depends. In Ireland, the classic pub has long been regarded as a family-friendly spot -- a place for children and adults alike to unwind after a long day. On the flip side, we doubt many parents have ever thought to bring their kids to an upscale wine bar, or to a college bar pushing Jager shot specials.

Which is precisely why these "no kids allowed" bans have us scratching our heads. Gathering places tend to self-select their clientele based on what they offer and how they offer it. Clearly, all adults, whether or not they have kids, need some space of their own. Likewise, all adults, whether or not they have kids, should also have spaces where they can interact with people across the generational spectrum. The health of our communities depends on it.

Secret clubhouses might be "kids only," but playgrounds are for everyone. Maybe some beer gardens should be for everyone, too.

What about screaming adults? Top right photo via Urban Edge. Above photo by Mr. T in DC (cc).

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