August 17, 2011 Kerala Taylor

Wordless Wednesday: What waterparks would look like if kids were in charge

As kids soak in the last weeks of summer, they know they only have so much time to swim, splash, and scurry through sprinklers before cooler temperatures prevail. And while most kids can while away a summer afternoon with nothing more than a backyard hose, we wondered: What could water play look like if children were limited only by the powers of their own imagination?

When elementary school teacher Beth Libby asked her students at Wentworth Intermediate School in Scarborough, Maine to draw their dream playgrounds, water featured prominently into their designs. What they came up with makes even the most hair-raising Six Flags waterslides rides look tame:


Jordan (left) envisions swinging from suspended lollipops and being blasted by "super water cannons," while David (right) delights in the notion of being catapulted into water.


What's more fun than a slide that cuts across a pool full of sharks? Gwen can answer that: A slide that cuts across a pool full of sharks and ejects you onto a trampoline! Meanwhile, Matthew (right) has visions of an underwater slide, with views of slightly less menacing sea creatures.


Emily (left) and Hailea (right) seem to agree that nothing could be more fun than long, long twisty slides that end in a pool of water .



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