July 20, 2011 Kerala Taylor

Wordless Wednesday: It started with a playground

In 2009, Safety Harbor mom Tracey Quinn gave herself and her three boys a challenge: To visit a new park or playground every day over the summer. When we at KaBOOM! got wind of what they were doing, we loved the idea so much that we created our own Park-A-Day Summer Challenge in 2010, recruiting Tracey and five other dedicated moms to explore and map the playgrounds in their respective hometowns.

Now we're back for year two, and having exhausted the playground options in her area, Tracey and her boys are revisiting some old favorites. Inspired by the blog, Dear Photograph (Warning: This blog is highly addictive!), we asked Tracey to "take a picture of a picture from the past in the present":


Dear Photograph,
83 days until school. It started with a playground.

Learn more about this year's Park-A-Day Summer Challenge.

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