May 17, 2013 Kerala Taylor

Will you leave your children at the park?

Free range children signAre you ready to take your children to the park… and leave them there? That’s what Lenore Skenazy, blogger and author of Free-Range Kids, wants parents to do on May 18, which she has aptly named, “Take Our Children to the Park… and Leave Them There Day.”

Lenore doesn’t want to get rid of her kids. She is not an advocate for child neglect. She is simply talking about giving children, age 7 or 8 and up, a chance to play with other kids by themselves at the park for an hour or two. In her words:

Clearly we are in the middle of a vicious cycle—there are no kids outside so I won’t let MY kids outside, so there are no kids outside, so you don’t let YOUR kids outside, so I don’t let MY kids outside, etc., etc., etc—which is why the holiday (or whatever it is) is even necessary. It is a day to break the cycle. A day to get kids outside to meet each other and re-learn the lost art of playing!

Here's what the lost art of playing means to Lenore:

Stand around, get bored, wonder what to do, wish there was an Xbox around, feel hungry, feel a little too hot or cold, feel mad at mom for not organizing something "really" fun, like a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, feel bad all around, realize the other kids are feeling bad too, and then—in desperation—do something.

Start a game of tag. Or basketball. Or fairies versus witches. And suddenly, those bored kids who were desperate to go home don't want to go home at all. They want to KEEP playing— with any luck, for the rest of their childhoods.

So why are no parents allowed? For years, Lenore has been on a mission to prove that the world is not as dangerous a place as many parents are led to believe it is (crime rates are actually back down to where they were in the early 70s). Without granting our kids the freedom to... well, be kids, we are depriving them of vital chances to develop life skills. For instance, learning how turn boredom into opportunity and becoming self-sufficient.

May 18 is tomorrow. Will you be taking your children to the park… and leaving them there?

Learn more about the day here.

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