March 25, 2010

Will you help give these kids a place to play?

Playground site in El Paso, Texas at MJ Lundy Elementary school“Where's the playground?" This is one question that students and parents alike are asking about the newly built M.J. Lundy Elementary school in El Paso, Tex. The school district did not allocate funds for a playground, and without any action, the 900 students that M.J. Lundy Elementary expects to serve will be left without a place to play.

Here's what project leaders have  to say:

Imagine the heartbreak of leaving behind close friends, teachers and familiar surroundings for a new school that also lacks playground equipment. Students not interested in team sports will be left with only a dusty, desert landscape with no trees to run around or climb and no alternatives for play. Our students deserve an amazing playground where they can engage in imaginative free play.

Help M.J. Lundy Elementary get $5,000 toward playground equipment! Watch their video entry to our Promote Your Project Video Contest and cast your vote.

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