October 26, 2011 Kerala Taylor

Why the world needs more swings

In an era of flashy gizmos and gadgets, some "old-fashioned" pastimes will never go out of style. And let's face it: Few things in this world beat the pleasure offered by a simple swing.

The world could always use another swing. That's Jeff Waldman's guiding philosophy, who has been raising funds to hang "illicit" swings in Bolivia. He says:

Apparently, others agree that the world needs more swings because the project raised over $6,400 more than its modest $4,800 goal. Here's a list of what the project still needs.

We love seeing play inserted into unexpected places, despite the unfortunate liability issues such "guerilla" actions may raise. Here's what it comes down to: A world with more swings is a world with more smiles, and it's tough to argue with that.

See The Red Swing Project for more illicit swing fun.

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