June 18, 2012 Kerala Taylor

Why all kids need to play in mud + our favorite photos

On June 29, the World Forum Foundation is encouraging children around the world to wallow, romp, dig, and slither through MUD. We take a moment to pay tribute to this ooey gooey carpet-staining substance.

Mud play benefits children in three crucial ways:

  1. Squish, squirt, squash: Mud play offers unique tactile, sensory experiences that are vital to a child's developing brain.
  2. As children run mud through fingers, scoop mud from containers, and create mud pies, they develop their hand-eye coordination and learn about cause and effect.
  3. Hold the hand sanitizer: Research shows that kids who play in dirt (including very wet dirt) develop stronger immune systems that can pave the way for better health throughout their adult lives.

But most importantly, mud play is downright fun! You just can't look at these photos and claim otherwise:

Photo by cobalt123 (cc).

Photo by chascar (cc).

Photo by Shenghung Lin (cc).

Photo by Bill Dubreuil (cc).

Photo by cobalt123 (cc).

Photo by Brian Flatgard (cc).

Photo by Stinkie Pinkie (cc).

Photo by urish (cc).

Photo by cobalt123 (cc).

Photo by Sarah Johnson (cc).

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