October 13, 2009

Where the Wild Things really are

The new movie "Where the Wild Things Are," based on the 1963 book of the same title, demonstrates how nature can spark one's imagination. The movie shows that kids need to be free to roam, explore and invent in order to understand the world around them, according to KaBOOM! CEO Darell Hammond in his most recent blog post in the Huffington Post. Here's a great snippet:

After a day of outdoor play, kids return home with fine sheens of sweat and dirt – and they love it! In addition to great fun, outdoor play gives children a venue for the physical activity their growing bodies need, as well as the interaction that will help them to develop essential cognitive, social and emotional skills to prepare them for an increasingly hectic and challenging world.  

Unfortunately, our nation’s children are spending progressively more time indoors. Whether that’s due to the lure of television and video games, concerns for child safety, or simply an over-packed schedule, this fact has dire consequences for our children’s future. 

Go check out the article to find some great facts, statistics, and ways to get your kids outside more often!

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