February 23, 2009

Whatever happened to recess?

A columnist in the Mississippi Press reminisces about recess and questions why kids don't have it anymore. Here's a snippet:

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that, once upon a time, school recess was an important training ground for sports, a huge opportunity for exercise and, above all, a ton of fun.

I'm not saying the kids today don't enjoy themselves and learn some things during their limited time on the playground. I know, too, that our schools are bound by many regulations and guidelines, such as minutes of classroom instruction and so on. I believe we have a superb school system in Pascagoula, with Beach being a shining light.

I'm just saying that in the instance of recess and time outside, the schools and playgrounds of days gone by probably had it right.

Tell us your recess memories in the comments! What did you learn during recess? What did you like to play?

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