April 11, 2012 Kerala Taylor

What if this kid had gone to soccer camp instead?

We don't have anything against soccer -- or soccer camp, for that matter. But the video, "Caine's Arcade," that has been madly circulating around the Internet is a stunning testament to the power of boredom. We've written before about how our quest to keep our children stimulated at all hours of the day -- whether through scheduled activities or screen-based enterntainment -- fails to give them the down time and breathing room they need to nurture their creative juices.

Had this 9-year-old boy spent his summer in sports camp or in front of the TV, he never would have felt compelled to look at a pile of discarded cardboard boxes and imagine alternate possibilities. Before you rush to plan your children's summer, take a moment to watch this video. If you've already seen it, watch it again!

And last thing: Can we reiterate how much we love cardboard boxes?

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