August 19, 2009

What do you think about spray parks/splash pads?

Splash parkOur CEO has asked me to solicit YOUR input on spray parks and splash pads: public areas with water sprays kids can play in.

"Popular in summertime and especially prevalent in urban areas, the spray pool offers an alternative to the practice of opening fire hydrants so that children can play and cool off in the water - a practice which is illegal and has been cited as dangerous in that it lowers the water pressure in a given area and makes firefighting more difficult." (Wikipedia)

So we want to know...what do you think about them?

Some people have criticized them because they're only used a few months out of the year...other people love to take their kids to them when the weather gets hot and humid.

Where do you think are the best places to build them? When or why should a spray or splash park be built (or not be built)? If you have one in your community, tell us about it, and if you can, post a photo!

Weigh in with your comments and photos on the message board!

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