May 16, 2012 Kerala Taylor

What backyard games did you invent growing up?

How many kids see "no running" signs at swimming pools and suddenly feel compelled to run?

We all know that kids don't like being bound by a rigid set of rules, prefering instead to bend or outright defy them. T-ball or pee-wee soccer can be a painful spectacle to watch, largely because the players don't understand why they can't run to another base whenever they feel like it, or why they can't pick up the soccer ball and throw it.

For kids, the best part of learning the rules to a new game is figuring out how to creatively adapt them. How many of you played "customized" versions of Red Rover or Capture the Flag? Or how many of you invented your own games from scratch, creating and revising the rules as you played?

In honor of National Backyard Games week, share with us a game you invented growing up in the "Comments" section below.

We'll feature our three favorite games on our blog and send the inventors a free copy of our new Go Out and Play! book, a collection of great outdoor games.


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