February 09, 2012 Kerala Taylor

We all need to listen to this 5th-grader

This 5th-grader from Cache la Poudre Elementary School in La Porte, Colo. thinks that his recess teachers need to "loosen up." Why? According to him, their safety concerns are not only making it hard to stay active, but also to have any fun. 

In his words:

Exercise is really important and that is why I think the recess teachers should loosen up. We kids are just trying to have fun. Every day, it is a struggle to find what to do at recess, and then the next day, the fun is taken away.

For example, recently I was playing with a jump rope. I come out to school recess the next day and they are already gone. I want to complain to the recess teachers, but that will just get them mad at us all. I know they are just trying to keep us safe, but sometimes I think it is going over the line. Normally, teachers say school shouldn't be boring and it should be for learning and part of learning is being active. But these teachers are making it extra hard to do this.

See Wynter Brown's full letter here.

If you received this letter from Wynter, how would you respond?

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