October 22, 2009

Watch "Parks and Recreation" tonight!

HugTonight's the big night! KaBOOM! staff are gearing up to watch tonight's episode of NBC's "Parks and Recreation" at 8:30 p.m. EST/PST (7:30 p.m. CST). We're all really anxious to see how "TV magic" treats a playground build!

We'll be live-tweeting the episode while we watch it. Watch for some fun facts and trivia! We've also started a message board thread so you can post your thoughts on the episode and chat with others who are watching it.

And for a fun game, see if you can spot the REAL KaBOOM! project managers on the episode. Here's what they look like:

Jen and Kenny:

Jen and Kenny



UPDATE: Check out the Washington Times article on tonight's episode!
ANOTHER UPDATE: Paul Scheer, who plays a KaBOOM! project manager in the episode, blogged about his role on his website today.

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