October 16, 2009

Watch “Parks and Recreation” Thursday!

Amy PoehlerMark your calendars and set your TiVos... KaBOOM! will be featured on the NBC show Parks and Recreation on Oct. 22!

KaBOOM! was written into the episode as part of the Entertainment Industry Foundation's volunteer week (which is part of the iParticipate campaign), fitting into the ongoing storyline of the quest to turn an abandoned construction pit into a community park.

Three real KaBOOM! project managers – Melanie Barnes, Jen DeMelo and Kenny Altenburg - worked with set designers to build a playground with the cast. You can see some exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos below including KaBOOM! project managers and TV stars Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones and Paul Scheer.

Jen and Kenny with the KaBOOM! PT Cruiser
Real KaBOOM! project managers Jen DeMelo and Kenny Altenburg pose in front of the KaBOOM! PT Cruiser made for the show. (We don't really use those...but I wish we did!)

Project Manager "Keef Slertner" and Leslie
Paul Scheer as Project Manager "Keef Slertner" leads Amy Poehler as Leslie onto the playground site. (You may recognize Paul from any number of movies and TV shows, including VH1's "Best Week Ever.")

Folks on the set between takes
The actors pause between takes on the playground set.

KaBOOM! Project Manager Kenny looks on as the actresses are shaded between takes
Real KaBOOM! Project Manager Kenny looks on while Amy Poehler and Rashida Jones are shaded between takes.

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