July 29, 2009

Volunteering remains steady despite recession

Lots of good news to report about volunteering and community service today!

To start off, on July 28 the Senate Labor, Health & Human Services, and Education Appropriations Subcommittee "reported out a funding package that includes $1.157 billion for the Corporation for National and Community Service for FY 2010," according to Serve.gov.

"Not only is this a record amount of federal funding for service -- $267 million more than last year -- but it's $98 million more than the House appropriated last week, and even $8 million more than President Obama requested!" they said.

And in further good news, a new report (pdf) released by the Corporation for National and Community Service finds that even during a time of prolonged economic recession, volunteering has remained steady, fueled by a compassion boom led by young adults and a wave of do-it-yourself volunteers working with their neighbors to fix problems.

You can read about the study in USA Today and learn more in the video here.

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