April 14, 2009

Upcoming play workshops to be held in California and Illinois

A workshop on accessibility is coming up in Illinois this month, and early next month there will be a workshop on nature play in California. Check them out - click the links for more information.

Uniting Children Through Inclusive Play
April 24, 2009
Franklin Park, IL

During the course of the day you will receive tips on training staff and incorporating child-initiated play into your programs, learn how to balance between structured and free play activities, and discover how technology inhibits the free play initiative.

Playing Outside the Lines
May 1–2, 2009
Los Altos Hills, CA

Penny Wilson, David Hawkins, and Karen Payne will introduce the art of supporting and restoring play in neighborhoods, parks and schools, camps and afterschool programs–and help rekindle our own love of playing in nature.

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