October 02, 2012 Kerala Taylor

Treehouses to drool over

There is something about a treehouse that appeals to children's inner adventurers but also to their desire to find somewhere cozy and secret to hide. In fact, our fascination with treehouses may be one aspect of childhood we never really outgrow.

Can anyone look at these photos and not feel overcome by an itch to take up residence in a tree somewhere? Go ahead. We dare you.

The Gibbon Experience in Laos consists of a number of treehouses like this one, each connected to one another by a zipline. Photo by Christian Haugen (cc).

This reflective glass treehouse in northern Sweden blends into the forest so well, it's become a hazard for unsuspecting birds. Photo via Dwell.

In Crossville, Tennessee, this monstrous treehouse spans seven trees and boasts over 80 rooms. Photo via fubiz.

The home of the Danilchiks in Port Orchard, Washington. Photo via 9 Wows.

A cozy treehouse retreat in Whistler, British Columbia. Photo via Dwell.

The Magical Treehouse in Vermont. Photo via Blue Pueblo.

A handicap accessible treehouse along Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont. Photo via origamidon (cc).

This treehouse in Kerala, India has trenches dug around it on the ground below to dissuade curious elephants. Photo by Pandiyan (cc).

Kadirs Treehouses in Olympos, Turkey offer accommodations for adventurous travelers. Photo by Jon Rawlinson (cc).

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