February 26, 2010

Today in Play: VIPs and videos!

Happy Friday!

I hope you've all had a great (and playful) week! I certainly have, especially since KaBOOM! has been mentioned in a few blogs! Here are a few of the great stories that have come up.

Star power
Diets in Review.com blogged about Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross (Bree Hodge) teaming with Mott's to support KaBOOM! Here's a snippet:

Cross feels that this partnership is necessary for kids, and she’s urging moms everywhere to get their kids to a playground for a fun time. She feels lucky that her girls don’t need any encouragement, adding, “I just open up the gates and let (Eden and Savannah) go.”

Also, we've now delved into the world of celebrity gossip! KaBOOM! was featured on Perez Hilton's blog this week as "a worthwhile cause!" Hooray for celebrity endorsement!

The Active 20-30 blog posted a great slideshow video from their playground build in Redding, Calif.! I especially love the quote that was used on a banner, which I think sums up the spirit of the volunteers: "One never stands so tall as when they kneel to help a child."

 There was also a great article in the Florida Times-Union about the recent KaBOOM! build at YMCA Tiger Academy in Jacksonville, Fla., complete with a video from the Build Day and an inspiring quote from Principal Charles McWhite.

"Being able to have a play area for the children they can call their own, that they designed and can come out and see every day, it just warms my heart," McWhite said. "I can't expect other people to do things I can't do myself."

Video contest
Speaking of videos, KaBOOM!'s "Promote Your Project" video contest ends at 11:59PM on Sunday, February 28th! Be sure to get your 1-minute promotional video in for a chance to win up to a $5,000 equipment grant for your playground project!

Have a great weekend!

"Today in Play" is a regular feature on the KaBOOM! blog, featuring the latest news on play and KaBOOM! media mentions.

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